There, in the sky ELETTRA shines like no other, the star that inspires us, the brightest one that fuels our highest ambitions and expectations.

ELETTRA is a careful selection of wines created from the best productions so that our enologists can deliver only exceptional wines.

An ambitious oenological project of continuous research of the best territories which has been carried out for the past 10 years.

This was a true challenge, we enjoyed the beauty of the journey, working on such an unconventional project! The results brought us happiness but the journey itself was truly inspirational. Our philosophy is based on excellence, quality and on constant search for self-improvement.

This is the spirit that kept us going over the years to deliver ELETTRA.

Wines conceived with patience!

Elegant wines designed for connoisseurs and wine lovers who want to be amazed by the different nuances that each grape variety is able to express.

For this reason we were inspired by ELETTRA, the brightest star belonging to the constellation of Taurus, with the oenological ambition of giving life to wine that will always shine and with a new oenological style.

“Elettra is our lighthouse, the star to follow in the night as we discover new landscapes and new styles, just as the stars have been the bearings of navigators throughout the world for millennia”

Andrea Bernardini